Pride Tour Guide is a resource to research and discover all things LGBTQ+ related in your city as well as the cities you will be traveling to. From bars & clubs to restaurants & events, we got you covered! We are always adding content to improve your travel experiences.


While conceptualizing PTG, we contemplated of a way to bring people closer during Pride events around the country. The best Pride events are the ones where you meet new people and create lasting friendships. Our vision needed to provide ease in experiencing Pride but also  creating multiple opportunities for social interactions for anyone and everyone. 

While helping people experience Prides all across the USA, one of our goals was to help people attend more Prides while supporting them. We are all about Pride and wanted to benefit each city Pride Tour travels to even more. So we contribute 5% of profits generated from each stop to its respective Pride organization. 

Pride Tour 2019, coming to a Pride near you!